My 5 Key Priorities

1. Put forward a bill for Scottish Residency Cards for EU citizens to protect their rights

2. Edinburgh Citizens’ Charter with fundamental components of our citizens’ “right to the city”

3. Directly-elected Edinburgh Mayor to replace the outdated role of Lord Provost

4. Urgent review on the current unworkable rent control legislation early in the next parliament

5. Advocate for an independent Scotland in the EU

My Pledge to You

I am making a bid to become the second Independent MSP for Lothian in tradition of previous MSP Margo MacDonald and as the first Deaf MSP.

As a pro-independence and pro-European candidate with an elected Councillor track record, there is an opportunity for pro-independence and pro-European supporters to vote for me on the Lothian Region list to knock out a pro union candidate.

I pledge to:

  • Commit to delivering independence and building a better future for Scotland which puts all of us first.

  • Serve in the best interest of Lothian and Scotland.

  • Maintain honesty, integrity and transparency in everything I do and to be accessible to constituents.

  • Legislate and vote for bills which promote public benefit and for the common good.

  • Remain rooted in Lothian communities and forge relationships that we need to build a better Scotland.

  • Be a strong voice for Europeans and immigrants in Scotland against the UK Government's xenophobic policies.

  • Push to strengthen democracy, equality, justice and prosperity for all.

My Journey from No to Yes


I share my story as a former Scottish Tory councillor leaving the party and opting to back Scottish Independence.


Campaigns & Projects


I look for inspiration around me for ideas and initiatives which would benefit our local communities.

I hope you enjoy getting to know me through my work.